~Weekend Mode~

The weekend is here, and tomorrow we will go back to work.  We promised ourselves to take off the holiday until tomorrow, when programs will be booted and back to editing we will go.  We have a project to edit, and many storyboards/ideas to bring to life.  We have cheated a little bit, I sent out some work emails, I spotted Matthew in Maya doing 3D, but for the most part it was a ~no work holiday~.
On Friday I headed to Queens to Michael’s, I have begun scrapbooking.  I tend to collect everything, every receipt from a special dinner, every card ever given me, little monsters I cut out that I can’t even remember why.  And these boxes I throw them in are starting to add up, so I’m going to scrapbook.  I used to this regularly years ago, so I have quite a few thousand days of memories to catch up on.  I will do a more involved post about  my scrapbooking goodies later..
~Scrapbooking Center of the World~.  Or NYC.
I got lots of paper and storage boxes.  Almost everything was 50% off so I couldn’t control myself.  Also, Halloween paper books were 1 penny, I have no idea why.  It was a deal of a life time. I didn’t get stickers or the sort because I have thousands of them just here waiting to be used.
I wanted to share with you my amazing new cat earmuffs too. I have been on the lookout for these for months, but finally a pair popped up on Ebay. They were sold at H&M Europe as a specialty one year, but  never made it to the USA.  Except for now, where they will reside on my ears at all times.  Everyone enjoys them on the street.
Nets vs Cavs tonight.  Can't decide who to root for so we are going for them both.
See, I have them on here too! I can’t get enough of them.  We went to a Brooklyn Nets vs Cleveland Cavaliers game.  We are fans of them both (Matthew is from near Cleveland, I married into this life) so I didn’t know if I should wear my Cavs jersey or my Brooklyn jersey.  Who was I supposed to cheer for?  Instead I wore the Cavs jersey, with the Nets coat on top. I cheered whenever anyone scored a basket.  It was the best game, because I was happy with whoever won! Nets ended up winning.
I cleaned my spoons and tea mugs this weekend.  That was a highlight (honestly).  I’m tea crazy and it tends to stain some things.  I’ve tried baking soda before but I didn’t think it was that good, so I read that a Magic Eraser would solve all my tea problems – and it did.  Spoons are tea free.  Mugs are spotless.   Woo Woo!
I hugged this boy alot this weekend.  It just comes natural though.
Its not Christmas until cookies and chocolate arrive from Ohio....
A shipment of our annual Christmas cookies from Ohio came.  Matthew’s mom makes such amazing cookies, the peanut butter blossoms are my favorite! She has a care taker from Home Care Assistance in Redondo Beach that has experience in cooking and showed her how to make ginger cookies, this is an amazing facility for the senior citizens. They are delicious and dangerous.  They are a highlight to every holiday season.
We’re going to spend the rest of the day here, most likely with Xanadu squeezed in somewhere.  Matthew will play Skyrim, I will drink tea and read.  Right now I’m reading Complete Stories by Dorothy Parker.  The stories were almost all written in the 20’s or 30’s period, they will make you laugh at the good nature of the women, and sigh at some of the portrayals of the husbands.   Dorothy was the Carrie Bradshaw of the 20’s.

Simple Meatball Subs

We’ve had meatball subs twice this week.  Once I was down with the flu (still trying to get 100% back) and could not smell or taste anything.  As I sat there nibbling on my sandwich Matthew kept “ooohing” and “ahhhing” declaring this was so delicious.  I glared at him, wanting to cry.  “But I can’t taste anything”.  Then he laughed evilly.  What a mean boy.
So yesterday because he wanted them again and I wanted to taste them, it was declared that Friday night was going to be meatball night.  I know, we live life on the wild side.
There’s 2 ways to go with this, yes you can make your own meatballs,  I’m going to do this soon and make kale turkey meatballs which would probably be pretty delicious.  Or you can be lazy like we were and just buy them from the store because they are only $4 and they are already made for you.
Then you will need:
steak rolls (grab them fresh from near the deli, they are 25 cents a piece here)
tomato sauce (did you freeze some from your garden? that’s what we’re using)
few cut up pieces of mozzarella

From here it’s simple.
If you need to defrost your tomato sauce because you are using a frozen one, then do this step first.
Then add the sauce to a skillet. Set it to a medium/high heat.
Add your meatballs to the sauce, and basically let them soak in the sauce for 10-20 minutes.
The sauce should be simmering throughout, the meatballs should be living in this sauce and soaking up all the flavor.
When the meatballs are almost ready, throw your rolls in the oven to get them crispy.
Cut up some slices of cheese.
Then just make your sub!

You want your meatballs to soak up all the sauce, so just let them sit in the sauce, toss them around in it.  They should be very moist and full of flavor when they are done.
Throw your steak rolls in your toaster oven.. you want them just slightly brown.
Steak rolls are great because you can dig out a little pocket and stuff the meatballs and sauce in them.
Then add some cheese.  Oh boy, you are going to be delighted!

Sitting On Clouds

A few years ago we bought a pair of computer chairs.   I decided to go against the grain and buy a fancy blue cushioned one. I thought it was a great idea, until I quickly realized the color was going to fade.  We’re talking real quick.  My vibrant blue cushion quickly turned into a faded blue, almost washing the color away completely.   So today I decided after looking at it for years to spruce it up and add some color to the seat that houses me the most in a day.
This is my sad chair before.  The color is gone.  Please ignore the cat scratches up top, those are staying.  I think they add character.  They say “I have cats and I let them do whatever they want.  My cats rule me.  Help me.”
I had this cloud fabric in one of my craft bins that I’ve been waiting to use.  I was going to make a pillow, but decided to use it on this project.  I measured the chair and cut what I needed. Then I pinned it to the chair to make sure the fabric was flat across.  Then I turned the chair upside down and stapled it  underneath.  This was so simple to do.
Then I flipped the chair back over and look at it – bright and colorful! No more faded colors.  No more sadness.

FiFi Bofinkles Is a Love Machine

We all know FiFi Bofinkles is tentative to telephone conversations, loves to dream,  likes to be carried around in a basket.  Did you also know she’s one of my best friends and can always be seen on my lap giving me kisses?  I don’t even have to ask for them, she just smacks her head against my lips and says “give them up”.    These pictures are all from the same day, I’m guessing we go through a few hundred lip smackers a day.
Hey Mom, I’m here, let’s kiss.
I’m going to lay on you, but when I wake up, I will be ready for kissing.
That was a good smooch.
WP_20121225_035 (1)
Please stop doing the dishes and just kiss me.

Past Work Projects

I often forget about posting our work, or anything related to our work here at this blog. I just start talking hot chocolate, cats and Christmas lights and can’t stop myself.  Here are some behind the scenes pictures from the last 2 months of some projects we have worked on.   We are super thankful that people allow us to be creative and let us create worlds, we want to make it a magical journey that lets you disappear from the real world for a bit. We are looking forward to many  projects in the new year.
Zuzanna is baking us cookies.
photo 3.JPG
We shot this Christmas story for Flair Germany back in October.  Christmas should be a all year round holiday, or at least just decorated like it is.  Here’s how it turned out. Here’s also a story they wrote about us.
VS virtual wings...live!
We’ve worked with Victoria’s Secret on 2 projects in the last few months. They are fun to work with.  I got transformed into a Angel with the VS wings while standing next to some of the most beautiful women in the world.

W Korea
Our story for W Magazine also ran in W Korea.
photo 1.JPG
We went to London where we had our first UK solo show.  The show was titled “Cretaceous Returns” and it was a prehistoric dinosaur adventure.  We got lots of positive press on it.
photo 1.JPG
We also did a talk there alongside Google art project, onedotzero and V&A Museum.
Full of paper cuts, day 2 of setting up at the Visual Arts Gallery.
We were lucky enough then to have a show in NYC and bring Cretaceous Returns there.  So we spent a few days making a white wall gallery space into a loved dinosaur home.
SHOW IS UP!!! Now solo dinosaur dance party!
It was lots of fun, and I danced when we finished putting it up.
Wubba directing on set this morning.
Daria getting ready to spin.
Most recently we just finished up this year with a fun gif shoot which will feature some of our most loved souls in the world. I can’t say much more, but it might make you smile.
Here are some recent profile videos that were made on us:


Today was a nice Sunday that consisted of a cozy late sleep, followed by lots of cats in various positions to be rubbed, followed by the Nets beating the 76ers.  Soon, the night will be about Brussels sprouts – my favorite food in the world right now.
Often when I look down at my computer this is what I see. 
When the heater turns on, everyone turns nice to each other and there’s a girl pile up in front.
Brother Bear waits in the back though and lets the girls get warm first. He’s such a gentleman. 
My dad bought me this Brooklyn Nets coat for Christmas. I  knew he got it for me, so I opened it a few days early (sorry!).  It’s super warm so it’s great to wear to the games as we walk to the Barclays Center arena and back for each game. It’s been very chilly and windy the last few days here. WP_20121223_007
Even though I’m a born Pennsylvania girl, my heart is with the Nets now. I am sorry Philadelphia!WP_20121223_008.jpg
Saw this while walking home, so had to pull out my phone to take a picture.


It’s officially vacation time until the first week of January.  I will be sleeping more, reading more, dancing more and trying not to send out work emails.   My dad did his yearly day to visit before Christmas and it was very eventful.  The highlight was him coming in from the roof telling me (while visibly upset) that his car that was parked outside my apartment building was missing.  I threw my housecoat off, threw on a sweater and ran downstairs.  Yes, it was missing.  Was it stolen?  Was it towed?  Yes, it was towed.  So after finally finding out that the NYPD took his car to the tow yard, we went there and got it back.  The procedure to get it back was actually quite easy (although pricey), but boy was that a crazy first half of the day.  After we got back, I made him tea to relax us both.   Then he drove back to Pennsylvania.   Then Matthew and I went for a burger and saw The Hobbit 3D (48fps).  I loved it,  I would highly suggest seeing it at the 48 high frame rate and in 3D if your theater has that ability. At one point, I was positive one of the characters was standing in front of me and I jumped.  Then Matthew jumped. It’s a experience  to see it this way.
This is my dad (and me) in front of our Christmas tree.  I love when my dad visits.
Xanadu especially loves when my dad (her papa) visits because he spoils her nonstop.
My dad snapped this picture.  I like it because it explains our life pretty good.
A fun way to spend a Saturday afternoon.
This is my dad getting out of the NYPD escort van.  That’s one sentence I wasn’t expecting to say today.
Had lunch at Shake Shack.  They had on the menu that their custard was Gingerbread today but the menu wasn’t right.  My dreams were smashed.  I did enjoy a great burger though.
3D.  Matthew told me I look like a thug in this picture.  I think I look like the Stay Puff Marshmallow Man.
I saw it knocked down on the street so I high 5’d it.
Hope you are having a great holiday weekend!

Dairy Free Chocolate Fudge

No seriously, the title is true.  I made dairy free chocolate fudge and it was amazing. It changed my life, it will change yours.  I originally made it because I always felt bad for a friend who couldn’t eat any of the desserts I made because he has a no dairy rule.  So I set out on a mission to make a non dairy dessert – what would it be – cake? brownies? cupcakes?  Then I came across fudge.   Could it be done?  I was a skeptic, I kept imagining the first bite of the fudge and me breaking down into tears with a “chocolate” stained apron on, shaking my head at the effort. But there was no sadness, only happiness.  Everyone who has tried this fudge (I made lots of people) told me they can’t tell it’s non dairy.  I can’t either.  Try it!  Even if you like dairy, this would probably be a healthier option than using milk/cream/butter.

Check after the cut for full recipe and instructions.



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San Francisco

I was in San Francisco a few days ago.  I was only there for about 19 hours so I didn’t get to see much, but wanted to share the experience.  This was my first time on the West Coast, it’s so sunny in California – how do you guys see?
This is how I travel.  It’s really the necessities.
Watching live TV 35,000 feet up in the air is probably one of the most exciting moments of my life.  Sadly the Nets lost and I had a Knicks fan next to me.
I had IN-N-OUT for the first time.  I thought it was very cheap, but taste wise it was just ok. (I’m sorry!)
The next morning I met one of my best cat friends Melody for a very early breakfast.  Melody moved to San Francisco a few months ago and I have missed her so much.  She was nice enough to meet me very early for french toast.  We talked about cats the entire time.
This is us.   What a beautiful pose she made!
San Francisco.  It’s very bright.  That’s my suitcase too.  It’s very bright.
I did not pay to use this, instead I just took a picture of it.
I had Mexican, a chicken taco and chicken tortilla soup.  The taco was great but I still think this recipe for tortilla soup is the best.
Me and Miss Golden Gate Bridge.  I also said hi to the Pacific Ocean and Alcatraz from a distance.
I don’t usually get to see palm trees.
Then I flew home on a red eye.  Note how much Virgin America looks like a night club. 
But it’s ok because I can order unlimited “free” Mighty Leaf tea from my screen at any time I want. I love it!

New York Christmas Cheer

My favorite part of the holidays is seeing houses and streets all lit up, decoration on their roof and windows.   If I had my own house to decorate, there would be inflatable snowmen all over. I would probably stand outside everyday and give out hot cookies.  It’s the best time of the year!
These were all spotted walking home one day..
Then I spotted this pumpkin.. still trying to relive Halloween.  Poor guy.

Decorating The Christmas Tree

Each year we try to collect at least one tree ornament.  This year, we added a few.    Before we decorated, Brother and Xanadu gave us some help.
Here are some of our new and old favorite ornaments:
This one is laser cut and is inspired by all the dinosaur work we have done this year.
We can never have enough snowmen.
This is a lion.  We love lions.
This is a red and white felt ball we got at Liberty in London. I wish I would have gotten more!
Matthew got this made for me one year.
Both Mister Star and Mister Tree come from Germany.  We got them in Berlin last winter.

Today in Pictures

Today started with a walk to meet a student we will be mentoring next semester.  The student has a great style already and thinks outside the box, so this should be fun!  Hopefully we can help guide him into creating something he’s really proud of for the end of the year show.
Hot chocolate was had:
The cafe we met at was decorated for the holidays with hanging Gingerbread all over:
Afterwards I went and bought stickers but I can’t show you because the stickers are for friends who might be reading this!
Today was also a great day because I got a package in the mail from Black Milk delivering some new tights for me.  One of them was this pair which is “omg so cute”.  I wore them immediately:
There’s cookies on my leg!
There’s a sun on my thigh!
There’s a gumdrop machine and candy corn on the back.  Oh man, the tights are really beautiful. They are guaranteed to brighten up your day!
The sun was setting on the way home.  It gets pretty dark here by 4:30PM now.
I gave Essy some good rubs.  She likes it on her chest and between her front arms (or you might call them legs).
Now we will spend the rest of the night getting the tree all set up.  Last night I unfortunately broke a ornament, it wasn’t my fault I swear! Hopefully I will have better luck tonight.

Bofinkles On The Telephone

This is a tale of FiFi Bofinkles and the telephone.  As soon as I get on the telephone, Bofinkles jumps on my  lap.  Bofinkles doesn’t understand I’m on the telephone, she think it means “Bofinkles Time”.
Example from  today:
Me on the telphone “Hey, how are you doing?” and continues conversation…
Bofinkles sprints over, jumps on my lap “What Mom? Do you need me”?”
Bofinkles: “Hey, I’m talking to you.  Do you need me, do you?”
Bofinkles: “Ok, I am getting closer to you.  I will jump on your shoulder.  Are you talking to me?”
Bofinkles: “Why aren’t you responding to me standing here, looking at you? Maybe if I pretend I fell asleep while you were talking to me you would notice..”
Bofinkles: “Ok, so about that conversation we were having.  How are you?”
Bofinkles: “Omg, are you ignoring me again?  What If I just fall down..?”
Bofinkles: “Just look at me.  Please!”