Cooking in London

In London we had a full kitchen so we were able to cook some meals for ourselves which is always a feeling of comfort!
That means I was able to have my official egg + cheese sandwich and tea every morning for breakfast:
Grocery shopping at Tesco.  The price of ketchup was so cheap we almost bought cases to bring home.
photo 4.JPG
We made tacos one night.  The cheese isn’t as shredded here, it’s more chopped, I like it better this way.
photo 3.JPG
Pre-packaged pizza, it was ok.
photo 5.JPG
Spaghetti and meatballs with pasta sauce that cost about 60 cents.  This was a great meal!
photo 2.JPG
One night we had chicken sandwiches with steamed vegetables.  It was delicious, I could go for that sandwich right now to be honest.
photo 1.JPG

Virgin Atlantic Airplane Food

Virgin Atlantic had pretty great airplane food.
From NYC to London:
For breakfast:
A delicious apple muffin with as much tea as I wanted (keep it coming). 
photo 4.JPG
For lunch, I had vegetable curry which was delicious.
photo 1.JPG
Matthew had some beef, mashed potatoes, vegetable medley.  He said it was good.
photo 3.JPG
Dessert was Tiramisu!
photo 4.JPG
On the return:
In London, waiting at the airport, let’s have a chocolate croissant and a banana.  This seems balanced.
photo 1.JPG
From London to New York:
I had vegetable pasta with white sauce.  The roll was MMMMMMM.
photo 4.JPG
Then I had Gu, which can be described as a amazing chocolate/cherry pudding experience.  And more tea.
photo 5.JPG
Then it was time for “Afternoon tea”.  Ok, sure, why not. I had to give Matthew my sandwich, it had mayo on it, yuck.  But I ate that Great British cupcake – you bet I did!
photo 1.JPG

Snowmen Corn Muffins

I bought a silicone snowmen muffin mold last winter and never used it.  Today when cleaning out my crafts cabinet, I found it.  Immediately, I needed to make something! It’s December already! It’s December 3rd!  It’s chilly.  I want something sweet, but I don’t want to eat cookies right now.  Well actually I do want to eat cookies right now but I am saving that sweet tooth for mid/end of month.  I’m trying real hard, but man there is delicious sweets on every corner bakery.  I see you snowman cupcake winking at me, hey red and green glittery cinnabun smiling at me, oh hello gingerbread dancing at me! I love you all,  but I wanted muffins tonight.  Corn muffins! So let’s make some…

Full ingredients/instructions behind the cut.

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