Portrait Party Behind The Scenes

As I mentioned in this cupcake post, we recently had to get our portrait taken for a project.  The project is focused on our stuffed animals, “The Family”.  I will make a post about it soon! Here’s how the final turned out.  This is one of our better portraits we have had taken because it’s very Pamela +Matthew with fun, cats, our stuffed family.  Thanks to the photographer Claire for putting this fairy tale setting together.
Portrait Reed+Rader
One of the first things we got asked about is the cat up front.  Everyone wants to know if it’s real.  Of course it is! It’s Xanadu Pluto, our crazy Siamese.  The thing you have to know about Xanadu is she’s a model and loves the spotlight.  In the hour we sat for this portrait, Xanadu basically didn’t move (except once she came back to lick some of the icing off the cupcake).  She lives for attention. 
I had to stretch my legs a few times because I can’t bend like I used to.  Xanadu looked over but didn’t move her body.
Nope, still mot moving.
This is her helping the photographer set up.
Yes, this floor is very comfortable.  It will do. WP_20130203_081
No, I think those markers need to be moved.
I approve of these props. 
Xanadu liked the Care Bear crown.
Also the My Little Pony. Man I love My Little Pony.
This octopus is not part of our stuffed family but he was a nice gentleman on set.
These guys are part of our family.  They are the Grandpas and they are eating pizza and talking on the telephone here.
Then the shoot was over and the party was thrown into suitcases.

Chicken Pot Pie: Please Make This

I have to tell you about this Chicken Pot Pie recipe. If I don’ tell you about it I will forever feel like a horrible friend.  This is one of those recipes you need to save, laminate, cover in love, cherish forever.  Do you know how to tell  when you have a killer recipe?  When you spot someone in your house, eating all the leftovers during the middle of the night.  That pushes it over the edge of just good, this is amazing.  When I was making the sauce to pour in the pie, I took a spoon and almost fainted.  I then called over Matthew to taste it before first proclaiming “This might be the best thing I ever tasted in my life”.  During dinner I kept getting praises on how good it was.  Ok, I will stop. ITS REALLY GOOD!  Just be careful.  If you take it to a dinner or have friends over, you will forever be the friend who makes chicken pot pie.   People will demand it! It will change lives!


The recipe I used is here, but I want to tell you about  my tweaks.
-I did not use a onion.
For extra vegetables:
      -I used 1/4 cup of frozen corn.
      -I used one medium sized potato – peeled and cubed.
-Instead of boiling my vegetables and chicken in water, I boil them in chicken broth.  Save it for the following step in the recipe!
-For chicken broth I just use chicken bouillon cubes.
-I had quite a bit of cream sauce left over, which I kept hot and then you could spoon it on top of your pot pie if you want to when it’s done.


More pictures behind the cut.

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Rainbow Cupcake Party


This past weekend we had to get our portrait taken for a project we were releasing.   The photographer shooting us asked if I could  make cupcakes for the portrait so of course I agreed.   I hit up NYCake which is my favorite baking store in the city for pastel dye, sprinkles, cupcake wrappers and more.  I love that place, but it is a dangerous store.  Every time I come out of it I have enough supplies for a elementary school party for the entire first grade.   So the night before (much later than expected – Xanadu had to go to the emergency clinic – more about that in another post) I got some Funfetti cakemix and made some cupcakes.  Can we just talk a minute about how good Funfetti is?  I know you are not supposed to eat raw cake mix, but whatever, half of the time I just want cakemix instead of actual cake.  After about 10 spoonfuls of raw cakemix (which is probably close to 8 cupcakes) I needed to tell myself to calm down, but it’s hard, it’s so good!
Pillsbury Dough Friend – I love you and your Funfetti magic.WP_20130202_088.jpg
Beautiful cakemix. If I stare at the screen hard enough, I can smell it.WP_20130203_010.jpg
Mixing the whipped icing with some pink…WP_20130203_006.jpg
Mixing the whipped icing with some sky blue…
I used a piping bag for the icing.  Note to self: If using a piping bag you need double the icing. I also used some sprinkles for more rainbow  magic.WP_20130203_045
I found these cute little cupcake wrappers that had lions, elephants and seals dressed up in party hats.  NYCake store has every type of wrapper you can think of.  That aisles causes me happiness and stress at the same time.
For the actual portrait, they were decorated with more sugary sweets like cookies and candy. 
Here’s Matthew while we were getting our portrait taken.  He said they needed to be a little more “boyish” so he added a Storm Trooper and some Pokémon plastic decorations I got.

I didn’t want to keep 2 dozen of cupcakes around so I sent them home with the photographer as a treat for her and her roommate.  The one cupcake I had while sitting for the portrait (and the spoonfuls of raw cakemix) were delicious!

I will share the rest of the portrait session soon!