Jury Duty


This is karma for my making fun of Pamela when she almost became a juror, no? 

Anyways, a week ago I officially became a juror on a criminal case here in Brooklyn.  It has been quite an experience so far and I must admit that it is interesting to see how the system works from the inside.  People may be surprised, but I hear that jurors usually come out with more favorable opinions of the system coming out compared to those they had going in and so far I have to agree.  I guess I’m not one of the cool people though that try and scoot jury duty.  Sorry, but I’m not that much of an apathetic lamer </end rant>.  We started our jury deliberations today and are going into a full day of discussion tomorrow.  Whether we will wrap things up or not tomorrow is uncertain, but I don’t mind, it has been fairly neat so far. 

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