If you don’t already know (not sure how you couldn’t), we have a fondness of all things with faces.  We personify them, save them from the imprisonment of stores and give them glorious lives.  So you can imagine when Halloween comes, it’s insanity and very dangerous to go to any stores that might have "holiday sections" (the rest of the year is generally not safe for us to go out since there are some many face holidays coming up).  Got the decorations out a few nights ago, still have some other things to put up (the bat that goes crazy when you walk by, the lights to decorate robot, the paper towel ghosts we make, etc).  Just wanted to share some friends with you. 

(L-R: Light Up Ghost, Starbucks Ghost, Pinata, Halloween, Pumpkin Head,  Little Pumpkin, Myrtle (the pup), Boo, Green Pumpkin, Pumpkin, Orange Pumpkin (Green’s older brother))

(L-R: Ghost Towel)

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