Dinner Tonight

Matthew made this meal tonight and it was amazing.  I did help though by making the salsa…

We get some chicken breasts, marinate them with Italian vinaigrette overnight.  Then fry them up, put some fresh salsa on them.  Then serve fresh vegetables on the side.


We also can’t have a meal without some type of tomato…


photo 2.JPG

Pick some roma tomatoes.


photo 1.JPG

Roma Tomatoes + Green/Orange Peppers + Cilantro + Red Pepper Flakers + Salt/Pepper.   I use my Black & Decker food chopper so  much, an amazing purchase.


photo 2.JPG

Chop up for a few seconds. I like it so it’s not that  mushy.


photo 3.JPG

Serve on chicken. MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!

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