Real Life

Let’s get personal for a minute. On January 6th my childhood home, where my dad was living, caught on fire.  To say the least, it’s quite a range of emotions that usually result in crying.  My father was the last one to exit the houses (5 houses were on fire) and was saved by a fire fighter.  The house is completely destroyed, it will be torn down, there’s not much left.  My dad got out of the house with pants and a coat on one arm.  I got on the first bus back to Pennsylvania and spent the last few days there.  My dad is my everything so it’s been quite a journey.    You always hear of stories like this and just think it’s sad, then when it happens to you and everything besides memories of your childhood are gone, you realize the destruction of it all.  The memories will always be there though…..much love to my dad. <3


The first picture is the back of my brother’s old room where the fire is.  I spent so much time in that room playing Nintendo and dancing to Beastie Boys and Debbie Gibson.



photo 2.JPG

This is my bedroom and my brother’s bedroom.  There is nothing left in them.

photo 5.JPG

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