Potato Chip Maker

My friend Tempest gave me this potato chip maker for Christmas! It’s in the cutest box and I can’t read the instructions but with a few instructable Youtube videos I figured it out. Oh my – 100 calorie bowl of potato chips – no oils, just potatoes- tasting amazing = mind blown! So yummy.

See? Box is too cute.

 photo 1.JPG


It comes with a built in potato grater.

photo 2.JPG

It slices them very thin with not much arm effort.

photo 4.JPG

Then you put in that potato holder tray.

photo 5.JPG

You put in microwave for about 3-4 minutes.

photo 1.JPG

Then it comes out like this!!

photo 2.JPG

They are crispy, thin, delicious, life changing, etc.

photo 4.JPG

The entire bowl is just 1 medium potato. :)


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