This week we went to see BELLOBRATION, the newest show produced by Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus.  The first set of shows they do is in NYC, so on Tuseday night we skipped over to Madison Square Garden to watch the elephants, tigers and pups (yes..).   I saw an interview with "Americas Favorite Clown", Bello a few weeks ago and was kind of turned off by him, but upon seeing the show, the guy is super talented.  I’d recommend if the circus comes your way, check it out.  Don’t go for the insane $ tickets though, go for the cheap $10-$15 ones.  The circus isn’t exactly how I remember it as a kid, too much song and dance now, not enough acrobatics/animals.  Here’s some pics and a video of my favorite moments. :)

101_8265 101_8267 101_8272

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