Garden Besides Tomatoes

It’s been hard to type the last few days, us being avalanched by a mountain of tomatoes and all.. but more about that later.

Other parts of the garden:


photo 1.JPG

Our watermelon starting out! So cute.  This was July 12th!

photo 1.JPG

This was July 17th!

photo 2.JPG

I’m pretty sure I’ll be picking this pumpkin in the next week..

photo 4.JPG

The beautiful scarlet runner beans. It’s been super hot here the last few days (and upcoming) so the beans haven’t started yet..

photo 3.JPG

We planted more carrots..

photo 1.JPG

The sugar snap peas crop is done.  I’d say we got about 400-500 sugar snap peas just from a few seeds – it’s been beyond our expectations.  We are going to have some for dinner tonight.  So we ripped this out and what did we do.. planted more sugar snap peas!

photo 3.JPG

We had a crazy rain storm last week, so we used the roof water for our rain barrel (it gets filtered with screen/funnels).


We had a big rainbow too!

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