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We like being interviewed, being lost in translation and babbling on about some augmented futurist concept that only exists in the imagination but talking about it so excitedly that by the end of the phone call the interviewer now think it exists in reality.   I like when people write articles on us and don’t discuss the fashion mumbo jumbo, “i like photography because i love capturing true beauty” bs, because that’s not why we do it.  I like when people write about us and mention our cats, Mister Wubba, our garden, our imaginations, the things that excite us.  This is really us.   We like being part of projects that are about fun, about creating – not about the politics of anything else. 

So with that said… some new press and interviews that we really liked how they came out.  Click to enlarge.

First is El Fanzine, which is a newspaper dedicated to art in Mexico City.  We liked this because Mariano is a great person who asked to do this feature on us and their emails made us smile. <3




Next is a article from Fashiontrend in Italy. This one is great because it talks about our world, give a pictorial of our “crib” and shows all of our cats.  Can you imagine the situation we would have on our hands if they only showed 3 cats? There would be a kitty war here!




Lastly you can find this article here from RevistaTrip in Brazil.   Here is the translated version.



We do alot of interviews so will try to remember to post as they come out. Hope you enjoyed. :)

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