1.  People take FOREVER to cash checks.  When you get a check, cash it!  Is holding onto a check for 1 month acceptable? 2 months? 3?  CASH IT.

2.  Xanadu got stuck in a pot.  I had to rescue her.  She cried.

3.  If I could book girls with short hair, preferably bobs for the rest of my life, I would.

4.  Our film cabinet is starting to get messy.  Instead of cleaning it,  I take pictures and blog about it.  Oh and if anyone uses consumer film to shoot/mess around with, Duane Reade has a TON for $2.  They are 4 packs.  For $2!!  They are outdated of course but if you are like me and need to shoot something everyday, it’s amazing.  I take so many pictures of our cats!


5. This is how Xanadu looks coming down her pole.

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  1. does he have any 120 film?!! it’s like almost $6 a roll, and $5 for processing plus a dollar per picture to develop, all my money is going into my camera.. blahhh!

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