Mister Digital

As I walked into my building today and saw these signs on the buzzer and around the elevator my heart skipped a beat.   Is this true?  Is a photographic supply store moving into MY BUILDING that offers film/ink/paper/processing/prints – OMG.  I will die.  You don’t realize  the excitement of this.  This will change our lives!  How amazing would it be to just walk down the stairs and everything is there.  I could even wear my butterfly slippers and my MC Hammer sweatpants to go buy film!  By looking at the schedule I am guessing it will be run by the jews which excites me more.  I hope they offer candy too!  Maybe Herman from Adorama will start working there too? Too good to be true!


In other news I almost died today.  A bike ran into me as I was crossing the street.  I had to literally grab the metal basket at the front of his bike and screech out "What the fuck?" as I was totally correct and he totally wasn’t.  Just the thought of me getting run over by a bike though is a bit comical.  Matthew laughed.

These last few weeks I have felt like I have no free time.  It’s always something or the other.   No room to breathe, always something to think about or to be doing.  Just a little exhausted right now.  Excited but exhausted.   These last few nights I have been yawning by 8PM which you know is way earlier than my regular near-sunrise sleep.   I think I need a weekend getaway to a cabin.  But the thought of me in a cabin is equally funny as the bike incident.

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