Oh yay!

Awesomeness: I went to Urban Outfitters today in Soho in hopes they would have my ankle boots I desperately want (the only size that is sold out online is of course my size) but they didn’t, boohoo.  While I was there though I tried on some jeans and surprisingly fell in love with them.  What was even more amazing then finding jeans I like was seeing their $60 pricetag ring up for $0.10.  Yes,  a dime! I saw it and I went "A dime?" and the sales clerk was like "OH, UM, yes, a dime.  Well I can’t give it to you for a dime, but how about $4.99".  Where I exclaimed "Um, SURE!" as I wasn’t going to argue about the dime.  So I just took my jeans for $55.01 off the price and skipped my merry way up Broadway! YAY!

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