Now I know why parents confuse kids names..

Current Family: Pamela, Matthew, Essy, Xanadu, Birdhead, Wubba, Green
Birdhead, Clone, Clone’s Clone, Pink Bunny, Grandpa, Grandpa’s Brother,
Big Papa, Me-Maw, Lion, Robot, Boop, Boop#1, Boop#2, Boop#3, Boop#4,
Boop#5, Boop#6, Boop#7, Boopaloop, Octopus, Octopus’s Sister, Octopus’s
Tree, Crinkles, Pink Luggz, Mr. Sunflower, Mr. Bear, Taz, Mr. Fish,
Ho-Oh, Jabba, Weed, Love, Hoo-Hoo, Jolly, Jolly’s Brother, Frog Mask,
Suicidal Snowman, Home Depot, Snake, Christmas, Lil Jolly, Frosty, Icey
Jolly, Mini Jolly#1, Mini Jolly#2, Mini Jolly#3, Big Pink Luggz, Tiger,
Rhino, Monkey, Panda, Panda #2, Lion, Purple Luggz, Big Purple Luggz,
Frog Rug, Mr. Monkey, Mr. Purple Monkey, Mr. Blue Monkey, Happy Feet,
Pumpkin, Mr. Kiss, Gizmo, Panda, Taxi Bear, Black Meowza, Snowball,
Cuddles, Ralph, Grandpa Mars, Pillow Head, Mr. Pillow, Ham-Ham, Spotted
Boop, Turtle, Evil Turtle, Turtle #2, Koala, Quacks, Shark, Jolly Girl,
Pink Ninja, Giraffe, Pink Meowza, Turtle #3, Littlefoot, IheartNY Frog,
Turkey, Ladybugs, Prince Frog, King Frog, Frog Sponge, Fish Sponge,
Nickles, Boopalantern, Crab, Big Octopus, Halloween, Pumpkin Head, Pink
Peep, Boo, Froggy Girl, Furry Friends (#1, #2), Blue Peep, Pup-Pup,
Charlie, Lil Man, Troll, Cat w/ Mask, Ribbit, Sleepy Bear, Sylvester,
Izit, Izit#2, Pink, Pup, Starbucks Ghost, Pumpkin #2, Bookmark Frog,
Frog Puppet, Jo, Cuddle Frog, Glow Warm, Wage, Judy, Green Blanket,
Myrtle, Yoshi + Untitleds.

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