The Passion of Joan of Arc

I just watched Dreyer’s "The Passion of Joan of Arc" for the first time.  I’m completely in awe.  Awe in that I will never create anything remotely close to the magnificence that this film is.  If I can one day have  .05% of the talent that the production had on creating this film, I will be amazed (and thankful).    You all must watch this, I am so serious.  And you  must watch the Criterion Collection version that is accompanied by Richard Einhorn’s Voices of Light, an original orchestral work that was inspired by the movie.   It’s so good that I’m not going to try to find it illegally and download, I am going to buy it (on ebay, but still).   You will absolutely be amazed! You will stare, be overwhelmed and have constant goosebumps throughout.  We will never have cinema like this again…

Plot: The sufferings of a martyr, Jeanne D’Arc
(1412-1431). Jeanne appears in court where Cauchon questions her and
d’Estivet spits on her. She predicts her rescue, is taken to her cell,
and judges forge evidence against her. In her cell, priests interrogate
her and judges deny her the Mass. Threatened first in a torture chamber
and then offered communion if she will recant, she refuses. At a
cemetery, in front of a crowd, a priest and supporters urge her to
recant; she does, and Cauchon announces her sentence. In her cell, she
explains her change of mind and receives communion. In the courtyard at
Rouen castle, she burns at the stake; the soldiers turn on the
protesting crowd.

Update: Here’s the full version but there’s no soundtrack.. so I suggest watching for visual amazingness, but you must see the one with the orchestra score!

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