Notorious PAPA

pamelazzzzz: we got a giant frog for christmas
pamelazzzzz: i rescued him from long island city
pamelazzzzz: his name is big papa.
pamelazzzzz: today was his first day training on the G
notabrooklyngirl: nice!!!
pamelazzzzz: yeah. hes a part of the grandpa family.
pamelazzzzz: he came from duane reade
pamelazzzzz: sometimes we call him duane.
notabrooklyngirl: haha
notabrooklyngirl: because duane was his given name
notabrooklyngirl: but big papa is like more street credible?
pamelazzzzz: well hes really big.
pamelazzzzz: and hes a grandpa.
pamelazzzzz: but im sure he has alot of street credentials.
notabrooklyngirl: indeed
pamelazzzzz: he told me tonight we are married.
pamelazzzzz: i dont know what to think.
notabrooklyngirl: when you’re a large frog how can you not have street credentials?
notabrooklyngirl: oh no!
pamelazzzzz: you can be a bridesmaid.
pamelazzzzz: you’ll walk with me-maw probably
notabrooklyngirl: yes
notabrooklyngirl: indeed!
notabrooklyngirl: i will!
notabrooklyngirl: :-)
pamelazzzzz: *close curtain*

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