So my beloved Xanadu is currently at the Gracie Clinic.  We dropped her off a little while ago after giving her a ride on the G train (she greeted the passengers by singing tunes (meowing)).  I miss her.  While we sat in the waiting room, I sang to her nonstop.  I’m pretty sure I’m more nervous than she was/is.  I already cried twice.  I’m bad at things like this.  I miss my Xanadu.  Who am I going to sleep with tonight?  Who is going to sit in front of my monitor so I can’t type?  Who is going to hide behind my walls and then attack my toes when I walk by? :(   Take care of her Dr. Kofi.  Can’t wait to see you tomorrow Xansavania! Call me if you need me!

(Her first experience outside this morning)

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