Beck’s Green Box Project

Can we tell you how much we wanted to share this project with you? It’s been killing us.

Thanks to Beck’s, the Protein team, our team (Aki, Lottie, Saya, Layla, Vanusa) and everyone else that helped along the way!

Today, July 15th, our augmented reality project Super_AR_Avatars goes live in Milan!

We were selected as one of the launching artists of the Beck’s Green Box AR Project.  We will be launching in Milan – the boxes will be worldwide throughout the next year in New York, London, Milan, Miami, Los Angeles and more.  So if you’re in Milan, grab your smartphone, download the app, and see our magical world! You can find more about this project at

Here is a preview image from our project (credit).  A description reads: “Reed + Rader have turned their Green Box at landmark Via Pio IV in Milan into a fantastical world of photo realistic, fairy tale fashion animations. An enchanting, pixie-like model with candy-flossed hair kicks her way through video-game inspired scenery, finding herself on a journey through a sky full of puffed up clouds and lost balloons. Inspired by the virtual world of dreamy impossibilities, Reed + Rader have taken their well-loved playful approach and created a Green Box full of aesthetically pleasing fashion fun.”

Beck's Green Box AR Project

Here is a video as well that goes behind the scenes on this project and answers some questions:

We’re super proud of this project, once we can get a video if it live in action we’ll share that too. <3

One thought on “Beck’s Green Box Project

  1. That was a really interesting video. Since you are my namesake and a photographer, as I am learning to be, I see you pop up a lot around web. Honestly, I’ve always thought your stuff was way way too out there for me. Though I still don’t find your work very aesthetic, I know I know, art isn’t about aesthetics nor are you trying to appeal to my aesthetics, so my opinion doesn’t really matter.

    My point is, after watching this video, I have a lot more respect for your guys’ work and I wish you both all the best.

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