I love thin crust pizza with pineapple.   It’s so great. 

Xanadu is obsessed with chasing flies.  She makes this insane sound while shaking her jaw.

I’m obsessed with Link’s (or my) horse, Epona.  I talk about her all the time. I talked about her while walking down the street today.

Kodak sent us free film today.  Thanks Kodak.

We had a shoot yesterday and it was so cold out.  By the last shot my fingers were purple.

Essy and Xanadu fight alot.  Xandu jumps on Essy’s back and Essy runs full speed  to knock her off.  We cheer for Essy.

We don’t have heat here.  We don’t have heat for the whole winter.  We didn’t have any last year either.  We are hardcore like that.  And cheap too. And really, really cold.

We are shooting this musician next week for a cover of a magazine.

We are shooting these actors the following week for a cover/story of another magazine.  It’s the biggest production we have ever done.

I got this new white blanket and it’s the best blanket ever.  Sometimes when I’m out I just think of it and begin to rush so I can come home and snuggle with it.  Xanadu likes it too.  We sleep together under it.

The building maintenance person just knocked on my door and said in broken English "25 minutes – don’t walk on the floor".  That means he just waxed the floor and he is telling everyone they aren’t allowed to leave their homes in the next 25 minutes or he will kill them.

And most importantly, I have wii arm.  I have played tennis with such insanity the last 2 days I can’t move my upper right arm much.  It’s so exciting and so great.  Golf is becoming a favorite activity of mine too! And Rayman – don’t get me started.  The carrot juice is so hard, I lost all feeling in my left arm/hand for a few minutes.  The nunchuck just fell out.  I couldn’t grasp.  Fun times.

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