Wii did it!

We got to the Times Square Toys R Us launch around 9:30 PM Saturday night.  We waited, got some free shirts, talked to people who also liked to chant "Reggie Reggie", Saw Reggie,  Watched a DJ perform for an hour who no one told his sound was on the entire time, Midnight celebration, Went to Nintendo World Store at 12:30 AM for their official 6 AM launch, Waited in line, Froze, Played Elite Beat, Froze, Got many hot chocolates, Sat on NYC cement ground for 7 hours, Froze, Began to shake, Froze, 6 AM rolled around for preorders (us), Learned they OFFICIAL store didn’t have Trauma Center for launch – became very upset and began to shake more furiously, Got our Wii at about 7 AM,  Celebrated, Came home on subway, Made my mii, played games, took nap, now I’m back up and going to play nonstop throughout the night.  Love it.  Sorry I don’t have many pictures, my fingers began to loose all feeling around 2:30 AM.

101_4933 101_4935 101_4943 101_4946 101_4949_1 101_4953

101_4955 101_4963 101_4962_1 101_4974 101_4988

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