Family Glory

On my birthday Matthew got me the most wonderful present! A 30×40 custom created print (who he commissioned a favorite artist of ours to do) of our beautiful family!  It features Birdhead the leader of the family (and my stuffed lovely who I’ve had the longest/means something beyond special) which I’m very overtaken by and the other original members of the family.  I’m finally home during the afternoon today to enjoy the daylight so I took some pictures of it.  Here’s the actual framed print and the web size screencap.  It includes: Wubba flying in the sky with a smile, Jolly  (red) and Jolly’s Brother (blue) enjoying their favorite hobby: pizza eating, Grandpa and Grandpa’s Brother enjoying the green grass and relaxing with their G train shirt on, Pink Bunny sniffling around in the grass, Green Birdhead/Clone/Birdhead (the largest Birdhead) enjoying the beautiful weather and looking beautiful.  I absolutely adore it!

101_4609 Birdhead

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