The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari

If you know us or our work, you know we are heavily influenced by German Expressionist films.  One of our favorite films (ever) is Wiene’s 1920 classic "The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari".    So you can imagine our delight (and horror) when we heard it was being remade last year.    We anxiously stalked the website (and emailed the director who actually responds) to check when it was going to be playing in NYC for the first time, and this week – it happened! Tonight we hit up the lovely Pioneer Theater to pray that our beloved Caligari wasn’t butchered – and it wasn’t!  Obviously the original holds a special place in my heart so it’s very hard to compare, but thankfully the remake held up (to the most a remake can).  The most impressive part is learning that the majority of the whole movie/set was shot on green screen and then the original set/backgrounds were digitally imposed. Even the desk in Caligari’s caravan was green and then the original desk was restored to become it!  Cesare will always be one of my most beloved characters ever.   Best part of living in NYC? Going to the theater on a Friday night to see a film, and having all the main actors and director attend the same show and then afterwards answer questions. 

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