For the past few months, Matthew and I have thrown around the idea of putting together a zine. After vising the Visionaire Gallery today to see their current exhibit "Megazines", needless to say I want to do it more.   Basically I want us to publish those work that we like with the style we like, and including friends and the such that are going through the same stages we are. The work would be from all mediums – photography, film, painting, illustration, etc.  The interviews would be of artists of all kinds – game designers, jewelry makers, etc.  It would start out being very small and intimate.  The magazine would be personable with the things we like and the things we want to investigate more. It would be "our generation/our life". I want it to be very homemade -literally.  I want to actually glue and bind and print everything myself.  I want  someone to receive the magazine and think of it as a present.  I already created a name for it, and a brief concept.  I really want to do it!

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