Please be my friend Mitch Epstein

Today has been a day full of inspiration.  Art is where everything stems from.  It’s where you get inspired from, it’s what you reference, it’s why you make every choice you make, it’s why you make art.  The history of art makes artists better.  The majority of every successful commercial artist out there has a knowledgeable art history background.  Every movie you love, every fashion editorial you see, every show this season, the new hot shoe – it’s referenced  from somewhere in the art history books! I don’t think people realize how crucial this is to you "making it"… you need to know why you’re doing something. Moving on…

We saw "Cities in Transition" a three person show that is currently up in Madison Square Park.  When you walk on 23rd and look at the park and see those giant prints – yes,  that’s what it is.  "American painter, photographer and print maker Chuck Close photographed New
York City. American photographer and filmmaker Mitch Epstein shot Boston. Indian
photographer Dayanita Singh, known for her portraits and landscape images,
captured Hartford.  In this public art project, five images from each artist will look at how
urban America is evolving, such as the face of immigrants in New York, the
impact of the automobile on Boston and the changing landscape of Hartford."  The show closes November 10th.  I really enjoy Mitch Epstein’s work so anytime I get to see anything he does, I get exicted.   The best part of the show was the park and nature lending it’s helping hands to the work.  The way the leaves shadowed over the portraits, the way the sun leaned  itself under the prints causing them to be backlit, the moving shadows breezing itself across….Go! It’s free! It’s great! It’s Mitch Epstein prints!



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