Andy Goldsworthy

I recently watched a documentary about English artist Andy Goldsworthy titled "Rivers and Tides" directed by Thomas Riedelsheimer.  I was blown away by Goldsworthy’s work and talent.  Goldsworthy is one of those artists that make you and your art feel insignificant and talentless.   He creates temporary sculptural pieces which contrasts  with their environments using  natural and found objects.  His works often includes twigs, thorns, stone, mud, snow, icicles, brightly colored flowers and leaves. He often uses only his bare hands, teeth, and found tools to prepare and arrange the materials.   You can see his work "Garden of Stones" currently at the Museum of Jewish Heritage in New York at 36 Battery Place. 

Here are some of his works.
Artwork_images_652_86023_andygoldsworthy  Bambooxl  Goldsworthy Research1_goldsworthy3  Andy_goldsworthy_02

Andy_acjpg_2  Artwork_images_160292_195808_andygoldswo  Gold_icestar  Foxglovemegentaline  Img_0052


Clips from "Rivers and Tides"

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