Ok back to some sanity but not much.  My dad came out to visit on Monday morning and just left this morning (at a really early 4:30 AM).  I don’t get to see him very often, once or twice a year, so when I do it’s always great.  My father and I are really close so I always feel protective of him and always aim  to make him extra proud.  The hardest part of being freelance is the 24/7 work so it’s not like when family comes, you can take vacation.  We had to have a casting on Tuesday so I made my dad in charge of letting the models in (you need to put him to work – it’s free help) and then I had to meet  a client during our lunch on Monday.  It’s nice to show dad though how my life is since it’s very different than his own.  And then the every time the Treo beeps, I have to tend to email.  It’s just difficult sometimes to juggle work, family and somewhat of a life when work takes up 95% of everything.   My dad was telling me how he tells all my family back home that I don’t care about marriage/kids  because I’m so career determined and that’s first  and foremost.  Which is basically..  the truth.  Well, actually, it is.  It just works out that my partner happens to be my work partner too.  How did I get to this? I forget.  Anyways, I took my dad to Coney Island and he loved it.  I love Coney Island too.. it’s just so wonderfully cheesy.  Here are some random pics from that.


Anyways.  From the 17 look shoot last week, to the scanning to negatives, to the shoot this weekend, to SVA starting on Tuesday, to 3 shoots next week (in between classes somewhere?)… We will be busy.  I’ll post a casting video later too.

Oh, and Essy and Xanadu are great.  Not great as in Essy lets Xany lay her head on her belly.  Great as in if Xany gets to close to Essy, Essy pushes her away. Wooh!

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