The best thing about the Women/Supreme offices is the freight elevator (along with the man that takes you from one floor to the next).  I guess with all the magazines that the agency throws out, the man who ran the elevator started to take notice and he started ripping out tearsheets and advertisements.  What he did was tape them all over the inside of the freight elevator, as well as on each exterior floor door you go by.  So as you move from the 7th floor to the bottom, you are given a history lesson of fashion.  It’s pretty genius.  The pictures are pretty crappy but you get the idea.


Besides the amazing elevator, the new Supreme girls are stronger than ever.  We got Cierra and Suvi’s polaroid sheets today and they’re just amazing.  Should be super cool girls to work with in the near future. 


Oh and nothing beats an afternoon of watching the Women girls practice their runway walks for the upcoming season in the hallways, while being told they aren’t doing it right so the runway expert guy had to tie their arms back.  It was pretty great.  I wanted to try. No pictures of that.

2 thoughts on “Women/Supreme

  1. Supreme was looking a little sketch a while ago.. last season they got a bunch of good girls though. MY favorite is this girl that was in the United Bamboo show. She showed up to NY that week hated her hair and one of the bookers took his office sissors and did this cropped cut to her hair.
    Chanel hooked it up for six degrees (most random prep job ever)

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