Today’s Pictures

Hello.  It is fall now – it is beautiful out! Fall/Winter is the best – I hate summer.  I get to wear capes and socks and coats that blow in the wind and it’s lovely!

Fette Sau is a BBQ place in Brooklyn – I guess it’s pretty well known.  Anyways we went today.  I’m not sure about the meat, I enjoyed the sides but the meat was too fatty in my opinion, maybe we just had bad luck.  Might give it another try next month.  Dad, if you are reading this – we should go here.

photo 4.JPG


photo 2.JPG

Also, Halloween is here in 2 weeks – omg so exciting.  Fall/Winter has the best holidays too!

photo 3.JPG

Lastly, still flooded with tomatoes.  Delicious.

photo 4.JPG

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