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My day accompanied by camera phone pictures.  So I woke up and had to head over to Toys R Us  since today was the last day to get the Animal Crossing virtual gifts.  There is a Toys R Us one bus away, so I jumped on the bus and off I went.  Well, I got to the Toys R Us and it was more like ARGH R Us  – it was so disappointing, they had nothing! Needless to say,  the press release didn’t reach that store so I couldn’t get my gifts! I was like "this sucks!".  So unfortunately I had to what I really didn’t want to do, go to Times Square on a Saturday afternoon.  So I jumped on the F and off I went.  While crossing the street, I saw an apple. I waved, he waved.  Yay!  Thankfully Times Square Toys R Us (yes, they have a ferris wheel) had it all set up.  I ended up getting all  6 items plus extras of somethings! Woo!  I sadly spent over an hour in the gaming section glued to my DS.  There was one other Animal Crossing Crazy there too getting her items.  We are so cool!  I also saved Frog – Toys R Us!  Welcome to the family!  So I was about to come home and I received a phone call from Matthew telling me I must find Diablo II so I headed to 30 Rockefeller Plaza and got that.  While there, I found a Starbucks!   The lovely Big Teddy Mama Liz  has been telling me about this new drink, the Tangerine Frappuccino Juice Blend. So after hearing what it was, I had to get one! OMG, SO GOOD! I want another – right now! Seriously, everyone needs to have one! And then I came home after buying bagels for the shoot tomorrow.  We have a shoot tomorrow, it’s going to be great.  We’re excited. Yay.  I must go eat now and then sleep. And maybe Animal Crossing really really fast (i promise!)

2 thoughts on “? Block

  1. I love the Toys R Us in Times Square, the ferris wheel is awesome! Glad you liked the Tangerine Frappuccino, the photo is great :) !!!! YEAH!!!

  2. The same thing happened to me! The Toys-R-Us by me didn’t have it either and there was tons of yelling kids and I wanted to cry! I want my animal crossing free giftss! Your photography is completely amazing. I found your blog on the SVA school group on myspace. You’re outstanding at fashion photography, you can see the growth in each set you do. AMAZING.

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