Warlords + Guy Bourdin

646604bPamela surprised me this week with two presents.  First, up was the long awaited expansion pack for Civilization 4: Warlords.  I am obsessed with this game right now. I haven’t played Civilization recently so Warlords is making me dust things off and get back into the hour passing insanity for which the series is known. 

Things work out well because Pamela has rediscovered the joys of Animal Crossing on her DS.  Otherwise, I’d never be able to sit for hours at a time, eyeballs glued to the computer screen.  Initial impressions are positive for the game although there really isn’t that much expanded upon.  However, I am happy that I can play as the glorious Hannibal, leader of the Carthaginians.

The second surprise was a copy of the new book, Guy Bourdin: A Message for You. I am super excited to look at this book because one, Bourdin is probably my favorite photographer of all time and two, we have a very Bourdin inspired shoot in a few weeks and it will be good to look at for inspiration.  The package is a two book collection (which is beautifully put together) assembled by Bourdins long time favorite model, Nicolle Meyer.  I feel guilty getting my sweaty hands (yes its still hot out) all over these pristine books because they look so darn beautiful.  First reactions are, wow!  What a beautiful set to add to the collection. 

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