Balloon Suit Riot

Matthew is in Grad School at NYU ITP? Did you know? No? Well now you do.  It’s kinda amazing – everything we’re being exposed to and the people there.  Matthew is back in school because we felt a little limited by what we can do and what we want to do – we want more interactive, more large scale, pushing past photography and into new mediums.  We want to mix everything up and spit out technology at people as they duck in fear, confusion and then happiness.


Matthew had a project on Tuesday and his group dressed up in light up balloon costumes they made and everyone chased and popped them.  I wish I had better video but I was the usher who gave everyone pins to pop the balloons!   See.. I even dressed up like a usher!

photo 4.JPG

Here they are putting together the costumes.

photo 2.JPG

Here is some video of after they get popped and running around:

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