Exciting Times


Things have kicked into high gear as of late of the photo
world of Reed + Rader . Lately, Pamela
and I have made inroads by having the opportunity to work with new people. Our work has grown leaps and bounds in the
past few short months because of the push of experimentation and promising
never to sit still for too long. Staying fresh is what it’s all about in the fight against monotony. We have a long way to go and we are not about ready to sit still right now.

A few weeks ago we had took the opportunity to shoot two
tests for Anett and Barbora at DNA Models. The shoot was incredibly laid back and turned out great.  We have two other big shoots coming up in the
next three weeks.  This weekend we have a spec shoot with a pull
letter for the stylist that is already proving to be our best work ever. It’s very exciting to go into every new shoot
knowing that it’s going to be better than the last – we make it that way. There are also plans for more ambitious
location work, shooting in new studios, and taking things to places like the
Soho House in the near future. Having a
chance to work with new wardrobe, makeup, and hair stylists from Illusions, Oliver
, and Jump Management is also exciting and will definitely open up new


These are exciting times. Considering we moved to New York a year ago, things are happening that are beyond our wildest dreams. Each day brings new challenges to hurdle – challenges that just keep coming. We say – bring it on! Mister
Wubba says the more Polaroids the better

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