I wore this shirt today and I felt like the pigeons respected me more than usual. I mean usually I let them walk in front of me on the sidewalks and I do talk to them out loud, but today more than regularly they came up to me and walked near my legs.  I think they appreciated it.

I also went to the movies by myself today and saw "The Devil Wears Prada".  I liked it.  It was witty, sarcastic and just a good lazy 2 hours to spend the afternoon.  BTW, I like Anna Wintour and always have.  Just for the record.

2 thoughts on “Pigeons

  1. Man.. you can’t walk down the hallway at vouge that her office is in… Ivan Shaw and Andre are also back there..
    The interns are insane and excitable and do everything in heels (just like in the movie).
    I think over all, compared to some people I have worked for, the Meryl Streep character is mild at best!
    Also, I went back over to that agency.. they said everything was amazing.. but if only it were tear sheets..
    They said they wanted to introduce me to a photographer they work with that does a lot of editorial..
    We’ll see how that goes..

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