The Hills

Dear Lauren “L.C.” Conrad,

I like you.  Seriously.  You seem to be a pretty, kind and down to earth California girl.  I don’t even hate you because you have an internship at Teen Vogue that I don’t think you deserve and I’m sure you aren’t really an "intern".  When was the last time a intern appeared on the front cover?  I also don’t think you can afford  that fancy apartment you stay at.  Anyways LC.  I enjoyed Laguna Beach  and now I’m addicted to The Hills.  You and Stephen were the only ones I could somewhat stand during the show so I’m glad you got your own show.  But let’s talk boys, LC.  What’s up with your relationship with Jason?  Why do you let him walk all over you? We know you are better than that.  You deserve a boy who won’t get mad at you because a boy calls your cell phone or that you have to cast boys for a photo shoot.  In my dreams, you end up with Stephen.  I always thought you two were perfect for each other.    Jason doesn’t deserve you.   Why did he suddenly just appear? You were happier before that answering machine message appeared.  You should just have erased it! But you didn’t.  And now we must deal.  Flowers aren’t going to solve every fight you have in your relationship.  Lose him LC, lose him!


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