Bitch, I said no onions

When we left tonight we saw that our corner was being destroyed (Spencer & Willoughby).  About 2 months ago we did a shoot there.  This was the shot.  Matthew stood in for the model and this is now the shotThis is the background now folded up and ready to be thrown away. :(    How sad.   Then we jumped on the subway and when we came up it was raining, so we had to wait until it slowed down because we have no umbrella.  We went to eat tonight at Chevy’s in Battery Park.  Basically their chips and salsa are so good we should just get them and have the waitress fill them up a couple times until we are full.   We asked for another basket of chips and salsa and put them in a box to bring them home.  They are the most delicious free food ever.    Oh,  and we starred in our own movie.

2 thoughts on “Bitch, I said no onions

  1. Wait, Wait, Wait…
    There’s a Chevy’s in New York City?!?
    It’s like the best chain food American version of mexican food.
    The chips, the salsa, and the corn meal stuff…

  2. I ate at that Chevy’s once with my PSP group. Good stuff.
    Have you guys tried Japonica, on University Pl and 12th st? Good sushi.

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