Digital Camera Insanity

The last few weeks I have been on the mission to find the perfect point and shoot, throw in my bag and not care digital camera.   Because photography is what I do for income, it’s sometimes hard for me to transition into the "not care" mode as I am constantly trying to push the camera to boundaries that it’s not capable of.   Yes, I want it just to take pictures secretly of strangers on the subway and my never ending folder of Essy pictures – but I want them to look good too.

All of these cameras replaced my original Kodak DX3600 (2.20 megapixels) digital camera that I got in 2001. At that time, it was considered big pimping.  It was with me through alot and got too much of a work out.  Eventually, after 5 years, it just wouldn’t stay charged. I think it saw it’s final days.  It was my first born. I will always love it.  You can now buy them on e-Bay for $25.  :/  Besides my  beloved Kodak, I also lugged around a Nikon D100 on certain days, but come on, it’s not exactly going to fit into my clutch.  Oh, I also still use the camera phone option on my Treo 650 as you can tell from below posts.

This Christmas, Matthew bought me a Fuji FinePix Z1.  It has a sexy design and doesn’t scream out "I have a camera" which was important to me as I like to shoot off the cuff. That means the lens stays still and didn’t telescope out at all.   It was also small (tiny!) in size which worked well for my bags.   It also recorded nice videos with good sound.   Unfortunately though, upon Day 1 of opening up the box – it just didn’t work good for pictures.  The exposure meter would misread things and I’d have to end up shooting the same picture 10 times to get it properly exposed.  If I was shooting a picture of Essy, it would be completely dark.  If I was taking a picture of myself,  I would be completely blown out.  I was sick of missing the moment and having to reshoot everything.

A few weeks ago I bought a Kodak V550 on e-Bay.  It continued with the sleek design, but I felt it was lacking in speed.  It took too long to start up, and too long after the picture was taken to review.  Besides that, it had the telescoping lens which wasn’t good for "sneak pictures" as it was obvious I was about to take a picture of you.  The dock that was included with it as well, either had a bug or hated me, as my computer wasn’t reading the driver, and I didn’t want to bother reinstalling XP for a camera I wasn’t that happy with to begin with.

So most recently I puchased a Kodak V610.  It’s a sexy piece of excitement.  It’s the newest consumer camera that Kodak has out there and it features the new dual lens (which is supposed to offer more sharpness).    It also features Bluetooth which means I can send pictures  to those around me wirelessly.  I’m not sure when I would use this feature though.  One of my favorite parts of the camera is the "panorama stitch" which lets you shoot 3 shots consecutively and then digitally stitches it together IN CAMERA. You don’t need to mess with Photoshop anymore.  I tried it out quickly and it was pretty impressive.  I will have an example picture of this feature later in the day.   The video quality seems up to par as well.  Because it’s a point and shoot and at times I don’t want to care about anything, the scene modes actually do come in handy as well.  The downfalls of this camera are the pricetag and that you don’t get a charging dock with the pricetag so I had to buy that separately.  As of this moment, the camera is everything that I wanted.  Let’s not jinx me.   

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