Maker Faire PT 2

You can see more pictures here.

This is a monster that chased me and then we rubbed bellies.  I’m in love with the costume.  I wish you could see his fingers/gloves too – amazing.

Maker faire... Monster chased and hugged me.



Matthew participated in making the Moon.  Unfortunately the Moon was not cooperative that day, but it’s the journey that counts….


Giant/Life size game of Mouse Trap – such a production with costumes, performers, music.  Really amazing! Look up “Maker Faire Mouse Trap” on Youtube. 



Actual bicycles you could drive around…


Part of a chariot race group.. amazing props!

At maker faire.. All around amazing.

A 360 swing.. weeeeee….


Jet Engine Ponies, very loud, very awesome.


Part of the Lower East Side Girls Club.  They gave me a flyer, but sadly I am over 23. :(


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