I love soap!


I love Sabon’s.  Sabon is a "a chain of bath and cosmetic products based in Israel, offers consumers  a winning combination of cosmetics and aesthetics designed to renew and refresh the soul. Their products are handmade
from the Israeli countryside and the dead sea." The store in Soho gave me free samples and I finally used the glycerin soap tonight and I’m in love!  I browsed their website and I now want: AromaSugar Scrub,  many of their Glycerin and Loofah soaps, Soap Flakes, Seaweed Freshener, Mud Mask and others! I fear for my bank account when I go there.

We have 2 shoots this weekend (Saturday and Sunday).  Saturday is a lookbook shoot.  Sunday is a edged up editorial feel shoot using the designer from Saturday’s designs.  The designer is Alison, creator of Dahl.  She’s on the upcoming season of Project Runway.  I shot her previous lookbook last year and she’s a blast. Wubba loves her too.    Currently waiting to see what models we are casting but from the polaroids Elite sent us yesterday (alongside 20 other girls), these new faces are superb: Mandi K and Georgia Karr and Haley Walker.  If we don’t cast them for this weekend, definitely in the soon future.   We also got sent one of the top Americas Next Top Model girls but I think it might be too much reality fashion for us to keep sane. And plus,  she can’t really pose.

I saw Murnau’s "The Last Laugh" (Der Letzte Mann)
on Monday night and LOVED it.  It’s not really a movie that is supposed to make you cry, but I almost cried for the main character many times. You should see it.

I want to do a shoot at the Soho House.  Bad. I contacted them for prices.  I will cringe when I get a reply.


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