Beacon’s Closet

Today I finally ventured out to Beacon’s Closet and lost my virginity to the store.  Beacon’s closet is a used/vintage/clothing exchange store in Williamsburg (Brooklyn).   If you are looking for some cheap vintage clothing – this is your place.  Every rack is organized in colors.  The pink shirts are over there.  The brown shirts are over there. Etc, Etc.  The pants are all organized by sizes.  The  skirts/dresses are in the back of the store and that’s where I spent most of my time.   They also have a large variety of shoes, bags and accessories.  I heard alot of pros and cons about Beacon’s Closet but personally I didn’t think it was that bad.  If you have alot of time to spend rooting through the racks for your own personal treasure and don’t mind squeezing through the tightly packed store and saying "excuse me" every 3 minutes, then you’ll be a happy girl (or boy).  The staff was all really nice too (bonus: and the boy at the checkout: super cute/super nice).  I went into the dressing room with 5 items, but unfortunately only walked out of the store with 2 of them.  I really want this gray hoodie/sweatshirt style dress but it was jut too small around the hips.  I also fancied (alot, alot) this 70s flower print dress which made me want to run into the flower fields and smoke up, but the material just wasn’t going to work.  I’m going to ebay a dress like it though – I loved it.  My green golfers skirt too was a no go too.  I did end up with a pair of orange Prada comfy flats though.  I been looking for some type of flat that will last over time and be able to just throw them on and run out.  Of course orange isn’t very practical, but whatever.  Lately I’ve been loving shirt dresses over tights, so I picked up this pretty blue sweater dress.  I’m quite happy with it as I would have spent alot more for it if I saw it in another store.   I also picked up a little birdy locket today.  I’m going to put Bird Head/Wubba/Matthew’s picture in it I think.  :) .

Other random pictures of the day:  Installation (?) outside of my buildingI’m not really sure.    ||    If I was from Texas (I’d shoot myself)    ||    Neat shoes    ||   Mario land    ||   Chelsea Markets     ||   Hey Pumpkin head    ||   Hey Happy Guys   ||   I should hang out here    ||   The ride home.

I apologize about the camera phone quality in the last few posts.  I’ve recently got a new point and shoot camera and I need to figure out all the features and how to shut off the features so I don’t get kicked out of stores.

Beacon’s Closet is located at: 88 N. 11th Street (Williamsburg) and 220 5th Avenue (Park Slope)
Chelsea Markets is located at: 75 9th Avenue

One thought on “Beacon’s Closet

  1. I totally don’t even go to that place.. I never find anything there.
    All the vintage/thrift stores in NYC are dissappointing..
    I go buy Norma Kamali jackets for 2.00 in CA when I’m home..

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