I voted for Bambi

Ok, here’s the truth. When I went to the Meow Mix House the other day, I cast my vote for Bambi.  She’s from NYC, she was representing,  I had to.  I love kitties who sleep all day and give the finger to the world.  So when I heard that noone wanted to adopt Bambi because ""She’s not the most social one in the group" I was outraged!  Of all 10 cat-estants in the Meow Mix House at 49th
and Madison, it is the New York tabby that has yet to be adopted. Every
other cat-testant, from Nashville’s frisky Opry to Miami’s streetwise
Cisco to even double-pawed Romeo from Los Angeles, has feline-ally
found itself a home – or has one on the way.
NY POST spies say the finicky short-haired Bambi has a
proclivity for hissing, the occasional swipe and a tendency to just
kind of sit on the leopard-print couch and stare. She also bats things and enjoys string.  Finally though – Bambi found a home! And her bed is coming with her! 
"On day one, she claimed the sofa – the living room’s prime spot. The
princess was so taken with it, in fact, that Meow Mix let her keep it.
Emma Grimshaw of the upper East Side will pick up both couch and kitty
from the ASPCA’s E. 92nd St. headquarters today." reports NY Daily News. 

For those not in the know: The 10 former strays spent 10 days in the cat-customized Madison Ave. pad, taping 10 three-minute episodes. Each week, they compete for a job at Meow Mix in segments aired Fridays on Animal Planet during the 9 p.m. hour, with one voted off each episode through Aug. 18.

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