Maker Faire 2010

If you missed Maker Faire you missed out on some fun times.

MAKE is a quarterly, project-based magazine, it’s also a physical event series called "Maker Faire" a very popular website, a book series, a Maker SHED, a television show – but most of all, it’s a community of Makers who share their projects and skills. MAKE is what-you-MAKE-it. It’s a growing DIY movement of people who look at things a little differently and who just might spark the next generation of scientists, engineers and makers.

I will post more pictures from this event tomorrow but for now meet a new member of the family!

This is Louis, I adopted him there  They wrapped him up like a goldfish at a fair!  Check out Fluffy Goodness and adopt your own. :)


Louis flew off as I was taking a picture.  We were in shock!



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