FiFi Bofinkles

I’m dedicating this post to my girl, FiFi Bofinkles.  Sometimes a kitty girl just warms your heart so much that you need to give her some credit.  FiFi Bofinkles always appears next to me.  She lays on my keyboard (when I’m trying to type), she follows me when I walk around, she finishes the milk in my cereal bowl, she sleeps on my pillow when I sleep and she sometimes creepily appears outside of the shower.   She is always here for hugs, good kisses, feisty attitude towards others and knows when you just need some cheering up.  Even though she has a habit of being very slobbery when excited, shaking off that slobber onto my computer screen and always thinking I am dirty and need to be licked clean, she’s a cool girl.  <3 to FiFi Bofinkles.





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