Squeaky shoes

Last night, I finally found my beloved Marc Jacob Mouse Flats in stock!  They are from the Spring 2006 collection and are sold out EVERYWHERE! As soon as I went to the website and saw they had one size left, in my size, my heart started to beat  rapidly as I pulled my credit card from my purse and began typing furiously.  When I checked on them today to swoon, they aren’t available anymore so I got the LAST PAIR! It’s fate!  We’re meant to be together!!!  Plus I got free shipping! They are famously known for the white version,  but I got the black version as I think it would go with alot more of my wardrobe.  Because they are a bit kitschy (ok alot), I’ll tend to wear them every now and then as I don’t want to be known as a Habakkuk lover girl.    Ebay has some pairs up now (in white) if you are interested. Expect to pay $300-$400 for these lovely mice.


One thought on “Squeaky shoes

  1. Those are cute. Make sure to take them to a shoe dude to get another sole put on them. They’ll last for ever.
    I never listen to my own advice which is why my nice shoes all have holes in them now!

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