Super Mario Bros.

It’s true.  I have been obsessed with the new Super Mario Bros. this past week (omg its only been 5 days?).  Matthew bought it on Monday and minutes ago, I beat it.  It was glorious and I would like to thank all of my supportive friends and family for giving me their love and not expecting me to talk back when they talked to me.  I would also like to thank my left thumb and pinky finger because they felt like they were going to fall off a few times.  The game is GREAT and the DS is wonderful.  It’s the first game I played since I was a child that I really became super obsessive with (more than Animal Crossing).  The last world (8) had its ease and troubles.  The castle before the final castle kicked me hard many many times.  Staying on those green movable blocks is close to impossibe.  Anyways.  I am back now, somewhat (there’s mini games to play now!) xoxo to Mr. Mario, Princess and Shigeru.

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