Trunk Shows

So when I get up during the night,  I check my email.  Doesn’t everyone? It’s a bad habit and it usually ruins my sleep as email never stops.  Today when checking it during my "half-asleep" mode, I definitely wasn’t going to be able to go back to sleep. Neiman Marcus/Saks emailed me to look at the Fall 2006 trunk shows of Vince (that’s an exclusive link my dears) and Marc by Marc Jacobs.  And if by any indication of how much I loved the dress that was included in the email, I am in trouble.   Everything is pre-order, obviously, but I’m debating on getting a few items.  I mean they’re basic pieces so they’re worth it.  I can wear that knit tunic everyday in the fall – it gets chilly often! And then when it gets hot, I can put it in my Marc Veruka shopper bag!

Top row – Vince
Bottom row – Marc by Marc Jacobs


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