Nickelodeon Youth

I’m not sure how or why but this morning I got to thinking: Guts or Legends of the Hidden Temple – which was better? Both a favorite show of my youth, they each have amazing quality.

With Guts you have the "Extreme Arena" which had the extreme obstacles such as "Slam Dunk", "Jump Jump" and "Invisible Boat". The final event was the Aggro Crag. The total height of the Aggro Crag is 28 feet – an amazing experience for those lucky enough to be a participant. A large part of me still wants a piece of the Aggro Crag – maybe one day.


Legends of the Hidden Temple – let’s just get to the most important part – Temple Guards when they had to do the Temple Run!! Scary creatures weren’t they?! I always got upset when they couldn’t put together the Silver Monkey – come on, it was like 4 pieces and it’s a monkey! I also liked the Steps of Knowledge in the beginning of the game, I always wanted to stomp on the button to answer trivia.



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