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Photo_042506_003 We went to the new Condé Nast building today and the security was insane.  As someone else said standing in line "The airport doesn’t even have security like this".  I had to put my Mr. Friendly bag through an x-ray machine, it amused me. (or Condé Net as the office said)  is featuring an interactive section entitled "Anglomaniacs" up on their website now and it sounds like they put alot of time into it (they said they cut out many people). You can see how everything British is connected.  From Kate Moss to The Face to the Queen himself (Alexander of course) – check it out.  It’s up to celebrate the Anglomania Show that is coming to the Met starting May 4th.  "AngloMania
focuses on British fashion from 1976 to 2006, a period of astounding
creativity and experimentation. Over the past 30 years, British fashion
has been defined by a knowing and self-conscious historicism."

In other exciting news, there are these 2 giant bears sitting on 23rd St (between 6th and Broadway) – you must go see them.  They are the definition of adorable. 

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  1. Pamela! whats up! remeber me? back in the day at AIP?! i hope your doing well, i’m in rochester NY now and am looking for a web developer job, wanna hire me?
    Good to hear from you! and thanks for the link!

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