Boyfriend T

"Summer is approaching,  and the living just got a little easier with the arrival
of the Boyfriend T by Vince, an extralong, oversize (but not
overvoluminous) Pima cotton T-shirt with rolled sleeves, which wins
this season’s most-versatile vote. The shirt can be worn as a
mini-dress, layered over leggings or belted over skinny blue jeans. It
works equally well as a beach cover-up or as a humble nightshirt.
Vince’s Boyfriend T comes in black, brown, navy or white. At $48 (Saks
Fifth Avenue stores), you might want to grab one in every color." – NYTIMES  Sunday’s Style section

So I just went to the Saks (and Neiman) websites but they aren’t up yet.  I desperately want one, well three (brown, black and gray).  They are so great!

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