Post-it (literally)

While making a what was supposed to be brief trip to Office Max (in the rain) today for ink refills, I was thrilled and left speechless by the amount of Post-it products that sat at the end of the aisle.  There it was, the Post-it section in all of its goodness with bright colors splashing out like little candies wanting to dip inside of my mouth.  Excited? Yes. Orgasmic? Possibly.  So I did what any other person would do, searched for Post-it facts when I got home.  Exciting facts:

  • Post-it notes were invented in 1968.
  • They were first introduced nationwide in 1980.
  • The average American professional is the recipient of 11 Post-its every day at work.
  • It would take approximately 506,880,000 Post-it Notes to circle the world once, based on the Earth’s circumference of 24,000 miles using a 3-inch-square Post-it Note.
  • They come in over 30 different colors.  The most popular is neon pink.
  • Romy & Michele invented Post-it notes. (anyone?)

Try the new digital Post-its at:

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